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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  September 1, 2014 6:00am-6:57am EDT

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this area. let's go over to the maps. if you're one that wants to head out and use public transportation, it opens at 7:00 and open till midnight. they'll be on a sunday schedule with no hov restrictions around town helping things out except on route a 50 in maryland, john hansen highway. an accident on the eastbound side of i-70 after route 144, it happened at 2:30, 2:45 this morning involving a tractor- trailer. it's still there. you need to stay to the left to get around it. a live look outside. if you're planning to head out, volumes are going to be very, very light this morning. we have a couple of incidents but nothing that will slow you down too much early this morning except for heat, howard. >> it is thick out there. pretty skies right now, monika. we're looking at 30 minutes or so before sunrise. the breaks in the cloud cover are making for a real interesting sky. we will see more breaks in the cloud cover later on.
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partly sunny, 86 by noon. a high of 92 or so. there will be a few storms around this afternoon. this morning it's muggy. 77 in washington. 72 in leesburg, fredericksburg. the cool spots in the mountains are in the mid-60s. there's a lot of humidity around and even showers and storms especially to our south. a lone shower this morning tracking this one which has now left prince george's county. you see it toward anne arundel county. so this one continues to move just north. it will be approaching areas on the coast here in another 15 minutes or so. the heavy stuff though with the lightning and thunder, that's down 95, especially down fredricksburg area south toward lady smith. this is crossing 95 now moving east at about 30 miles an hour. so from around quantico through stafford, fredricksburg, you're seeing it now. but charles county over to the northern neck, southern maryland, st. mary's, watch out as it treks your way. it will be moving toward port royal. la plata 6:32. solomon 7:35 and port royal
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about 6:11. back to you. >> thanks a lot, howard. see you in a bit. the u.s. military has carried out more air strikes against the militant group isis in northern iraq. over the weekend iraqi officials say security forces along with u.s. help ended a nearly two-month siege of amerli by isis. roughly 15,000 people had been trapped there. on capitol hill, some lawmakers are now pressing president obama to toughen his stance against isis in both iraq and neighboring syria. the white house says the pentagon is still developing options for possible action in syria. elsewhere militia have reportedly seized the u.s. embassy compound in tripoli. the alleged seizure comes just a month after american personnel were evacuated from the area because of growing violence. september 12 will be the two- year anniversary of the killing of u.s. ambassador christopher stevens. the daughter of joan rivers
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remains optimistic her mother will recover. joan rivers is said to be on life support right now in a new york hospital. the 81-year-old went into cardiac arrest three days ago while she was in a doctor's office. other news now, a hiker is dead after becoming trapped along the rocks of the potomac river. >> the 25 year-old male victim was stuck under a large rock on offutt island just south of old angler's inn near the billy goat trail, an area frequented by experienced hikers. we're told rescuers were initially told the hiker was badly injured and needed to gather special rescue equipment. the threat of impending weather made the rescue even more difficult. the hiker's identity has not yet been released. they're still trying to determine how the man became trapped. two teens are still in the hospital this morning after a weekend accident which claimed the life of 15-year-old sherwood high school classmate. >> the 15-year-old shawn gangloff of olney died sunday from the injuries he suffered
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after he was thrown from the back seat of the convertible he was riding in. stephanie ramirez has more on the investigation. >> reporter: it was just one hour and 23 minutes into the labor day holiday weekend. montgomery county police responded to a crash involving two 17-year-olds, a 15-year-old as a tree early yesterday. that tree is now a memorial site and online places like twitter are flooding with messages of prayers and family and friends of 15-year-old shawn gangloff learned today the teen succumbed to his injuries in that crash. >> i'm not talking about this specific collision but in general, younger people have fewer chances to become better drivers. >> reporter: which is why montgomery county police captain paul stark says police work so hard to educate teens on the dangers of taking the wheel. the three teens were driving west in olney early saturday when the convertible involved went off the roadway and struck a tree, light pole and
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telephone box before rolling over and coming to a rest. gangloff was ejected from the back seat of the vehicle, the two 17-year-olds trapped in front. they are investigating several different factors into what could have caused this crash. they're working with the motor vehicle administration to determine whether the 17-year- old driver identified as austin hall violated any provisional license laws. >> investigators have an idea of the status but they want to confirm it with the mda. >> reporter: charges could come later down the road but right now police say they're just focused on completing this investigation. outside of germantown, montgomery county police station, stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> classmates at sherwood high school are now mourning the lass of shawn gangloff. many of them gathered at oak dale methodist church sunday night to remember him and pray for the survivors. >> many also gathered at the crash site sunday afternoon to pay their respects. parents say it serves as an unfortunate learning experience. 6:05 now. starting tomorrow montgomery county will be hosting a free
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vaccination clinic for all maryland students who are entering the 7th grade. starting in the 7th grade all students are now required to have the tdapp vaccination. they must have proof of the shots by september 12 or will be kept out of school. police are searching for answers after a fast food restaurant worker is found dead in anne arundel county. >> the first openly gay player to be drafted into the n.f.l. is going to have to wait a little longer before realizing his dream of making an n.f.l. roster. wusa9 is
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6:08. the muggy this morning. a heavier batch of showers from quantico south through fredricksburg approaching parts ever the northern neck and southern maryland. we will see a few more storms later today as well. still not quite a yellow alert day but close. highs in the low 90s. back with the rest of your seven-day forecast in about six minutes. right now monika and another look at timesaver traffic. here's a look at the 14th street bridge on the northbound side of i-395. volumes are light. no hov restrictions in extra v.a. or in maryland, except route 50, the john hansen highway. the crash southbound 395 near duke street sits on the shoulder. a utility pole was struck as well so watch out for some equipment along the shoulder southbound 395. back to you guys. >> thanks, monika. police are investigating a murder a an anne arundel county fast food restaurant. >> the body of an employee was found in the stock room of the brooklyn park popeye's by a manager. >> investigators are searching for her killer and a motive. >> reporter: crime scene tape
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around popeye's restaurant on richie highway where a woman was found dead. >> she's a female in her 40s who was working at the business last night. >> reporter: anne arundel county police say right now they have no suspects in custody and no motive. though who live close by are shocked and frightened. >> i was going there today. that's why i come up here. >> reporter: then when you saw the tape, what did you think was going on? >> somebody was probably killed in there. >> reporter: the woman's body was found by a manager. she had been severely beaten. >> we have yet to determine whether this was a robbery or some other type of altercation that went bad and turned into this murder. >> reporter: the restaurant is closed for now as the investigation continues. some say not knowing if this was a random or targeted murder is unnerving. >> i live right down the road here. i won't come out of the house. >> reporter: police say they're looking at a number of security cameras around the area as well as inside the popeye's to see if it will lead them to the victim's killer. i'm michele -- rochelle ritchie
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reporting for wusa9. >> the search for a pilot of a small plane that crashed off the virginia coast has been called off. coast guard crews searched by boat and helicopter on saturday and sunday. they say he lost consciousness while playing from manassas to wisconsin. >> two f-16s stayed with the plane as it ventured in restricted air space. it crashed southeast of chunk teeing ie -- chunk teeing island. if he -- chincoteague island. it's 6:11. we want to help you find the best and worst gas prices in our area to help save you money. we head to bethesda where the most expensive gallon of regular is at the exon on -- exxon on old georgetown road. there it's $3.99 a gallon. >> how about the cheapest gallon of regular unleaded. it's at shell on west lake drive is where you'll find it. gas will cost you just $3.69. stay with us.
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wusa9 returns in just a few minutes.
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if you're just waking up, coming up on 6:15. 77 degrees in northwest washington. a beautiful skyline as the sun starts to break through the
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clouds. as soon as you poke your nose on the front porch, it is thick. >> it's like a tropical rain forest out there. >> feels like it should be raining but it's not. >> not here but in some places we do have that rain coming down. let me start with doppler 9000, mike and nick. we're dealing with heavier showers and even a rumble of thunder down to the south this morning. you see this batch with all that orange and red south of d.c. tracking over towards southern maryland. so get ready charles, st. mary's, calvert counties this stuff is headed your way. i want to zoom in quickly. had a few showers, light ones pass through. the heavier ones have moved toward the bay, north of shadyside. a shower lingering in the upper marlboro area. that one is really light compared to what i've been tracking coming out of parts of western virginia. this started in charlottesville 90 minutes ago, through the fredricksburg area. approaching 301 between dahlgren and port royal. there's been a little bit of lightning with this. you see this one lightning
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strike right there south of quantico east of stafford. this is all moving toward the east, northeast at about 30 miles an hour. so goldvein a couple of sprinkles near you. the heaviest is past. look at this area from ports royal to fredericksburg. la plata 6:33. mechanicsville just after 7:00. hollywood 7:22 with heavier downpours and perhaps a rumble of thunder. in the win chester areas, stephens city, make a couple of light sprinkles. check out the sky on our michael & son weather camera. mostly cloudy early today. we'll get sunny breaks. an isolated shower this morning. a couple of storms here and there this afternoon. by noon mid-80s and sticky. lunch outside, probably not. 90 at 3:00 with a high of 92. there will be a couple of storms around this afternoon. not enough to warrant a yellow alert at this point. i'm going to keep my fingers crossed but i urge you to check up on the weather. download the wusa9 weather app
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if you don't have it and you can check doppler whether you're at the pool or grilling this afternoon. pay attention to those possible storms. 75 on the bay. pax river as well. low 70s in the shenandoah valley. just a sticky morning out there. even though the skies look cool, i want to be inside in the ac with 77 and the dew point over 70, real tropical feel out there. no wind to speak of at the moment. nothing is being stirdz around. real thick -- stirred around. real thick. futurecast, let's talk about that. while we have a few showers coming through this morning, spotty showers for the afternoon hours. we'll keep our fingers crossed that it's isolated to spotty so it doesn't interrupt too many cookouts or pool parties. 5:00 the heavier stuff down across parts of calvert, st. mary's, charms and anne arundel. -- charles and anne arundel. tonight things will be relatively quiet. tuesday a front will approach but that will be tuesday evening, tuesday night. ahead of it another hot day, in fact hotter today. potentially 95 tuesday afternoon but the heat and humidity, we'll pop a few
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storms. looks like more come through in the evening hours after the rush hour. that's why tomorrow is still not a yellow alert day. if the timing changes a little bit, we'll change that. by wednesday high pressure is going to build in. this high pressure will bring us some slightly drier air and slightly cooler air so it will feel better wednesday, even though it will still be up around that 90-degree mark. today looking at some storms here and there this afternoon. a few this morning, 92. tonight 76. another muggy night closer to 70 in the cool spots. cool spots. 95 tomorrow. very hot and humid with a few afternoon storms and tomorrow evening ahead of the front we'll have scattered storms as well. by wednesday morning low to mid- 70s but wednesday only around 90 but less humid. wednesday will feel better. thursday like wednesday 90. not too humid. then here comes a chance of storms friday, 93. upper 80s saturday with scattered afternoon storms, mid- 80s. sunday with a leftover storm. for the nats and ravens sunday, hopefully those games will work
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out dry as well. monika samtani, 6:18. a couple of incidents on what i was expecting to be a very quiet morning. >> relatively busy. tomorrow, howard, is when i think everyone goes back to school. you may have the afternoon thundershowers. that could be a whole different thing tomorrow. so today, yes, we may have them but at least it will only affect your barbecue. tomorrow could be a rough ride. i'll keep you posted on that of course and so will howard. metro opens at 7:00 this morning. it will be open till midnight on a sunday schedule. no marc or rve. no mof restrictions except on route 50 in maryland. a couple of accidents, it's been kind of busy. southbound on the bw parkway, the ramp at 195, you want to watch out for the craft. beyond that route 100 all the way to 32 in greenbelt you're fine. no problems on 95 between our beltway and baltimore's beltway. over on i-70 eastbound right after route 144, a crash involving a tractor-trailer.
6:20 am
the recovery effort is still under way. you want to stay along the left side to get around it. again volumes are light today. it's a holiday. 270 is in good shape all the way from frederick to the point where the lanes divide. let's take a little tour up for. here's the beltway in oxon hill in prince george's county, the eastern stretch of the beltway is final between 95 and oxon hill and the wilson bridge on the the south side of town. to our next live picture. if you're planning to head here on the beltway in college park, there was a crash on the outer loop at route 1. that was cleared up. no issues on the top stretch of the beltway between 95, new hampshire avenue and 270 in bethesda. and all the way across the american legion bridge. here's a live picture over on missouri avenue westbound at georgia avenue. work continues. pepco is there fixing some damaged power lines underground and it's going to be there i'm going to say through whatever we have of the rush hour. if this was a typical monday morning, it would whole different story. i'd be talking about it a lot. right now volumes are very, very light through this area. we'll see if we can end on the
6:21 am
northbound side of 395. a beauty shot as i like to call it here at the 14th street bridge into the downtown area. you're going to be fine along 395, 66 to the roosevelt bridge and 295 to the 11th street bridge inside the beltway as well. back to you guys. >> thanks, monika. michael sam's n.f.l. dream has been delayed at least for now. as you know sam made history as the first openly gay player to be drafted in the league. >> but he failed to make the final roster for the st. louis rams. this may not be the last we've seen of sam, though. >> on the final day for players to secure spots on n.f.l. rosters, all eyes were on michael sam. 24-year-old from the university of missouri and the league's first openly gay player found out saturday that he'd been cut from the st. louis rams. >> it was a football decision. the decision is no different than any other decision we make. it was a football decision. football decision back in may to draft mike. once again it's been all about
6:22 am
football. i will tell you n. i was pulling for mike. i really was. >> reporter: sam thanked the rams saying, i look forward to continuing to build on the progress i made here toward a long and successful career. the most worthwhile things in life rarely come easy. this is a lesson i've always known. the journey continues. while his time with the rams has ended, it's hardly an end to the dream for the 2013scc defensive player of the year. sam now joins the ranks of the n.f.l. free agents confident enough to play but without a team and eager for the next opportunity. >> i made some big plays in the games and i improved every week. i think i can -- i know i can play in this league. >> reporter: sam's career will likely go one of two paths either as a member of another n.f.l. franchise or he'll sign as a member of the rams practice squad which is a group of ten players who normally do not travel or suit up for home games. either way his journey to make an n.f.l. roster continues. >> very, very productive in the
6:23 am
preseason for us. and played all four spots. he's a very, very talented young player that i think has a really good future. >> whatever happens happens. i'll let the chips fall where they fall. >> reporter: cnn, atlanta. >> the rams have not added sam to the team's zl9gpractice squad and he's not been -- [indiscernible] >> the numbers he put up this preseason, you have to think he's going to land somewhere. >> he had sacks, was fast, had a great work ethic. it will be interesting to see. >> the redskins's front office was wheeling and dealing. duke ihenacho started in three playoff games. -- [ inaudible ] a loot at question of the morning on our facebook fan page. would do one-third of newlyweds say they miss most from their single days? is it a, having their own bathroom, b, having control of the remote or c, being able to
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flirt? >> our facebook friend cassandra said b, having control of the remote. simple as that we'll have more of your responses and the correct answer in 30 minutes. it's
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welcome back. 77 degrees this labor day morning. 6:26. family, friends and neighbors of a missing gaithersburg man spent part of their weekend searching for clues along the
6:27 am
c&o can fall and posting flyers asking for help. >> the 54-year-old martin john rogers was last seen thursday when he left his home to ge to work in rock -- go to work in rockville. police have received several calls with sightings near the canal. police are also asking for help finding a missing rockville woman. nicole jackson was last seen in the 15400 block of reprise terrace friday morning. she was last seen wearing a black and white sun dress. >> although she's a 35-year-old woman, she functions at the level of a second grader. if you have any information on jackson's whereabouts, condisability montgomery county police. -- contact montgomery county police. on friday juror heard the final arguments from the prosecution and both defense teams in the corruption trial against former virginia governor bob mcdonnell and his wife, maureen. >> they're accused of receiving gifts and loans from star ceo jonnie williams in exchange for
6:28 am
promomenting his product. janesah herring joins us with the latest report. >> reporter: good morning. bob mcdonnell's attorney blamed everything on jonnie williams. during closing arguments he focused on williams' immunity deal for a securities fraud and tax fraud problem. he told the jury that jonnie williams sold the government a better story about the mcdonnells than he ever used to sell any of his products. in rebuttal, prosecutors referred to jonnie williams as a criminal saying yes, he's a criminal, he bribed the governor. maureen mcdonnell's attorney called prms a predator saying he took advantage of the gullible and trusting first lady. prosecutors argue mcdonnell knew exactly what jonnie williams wanted and he used his official capacity as governor to ing the timeline from the period in question, they told the jury for every gift the mcdonnells received, williams got something in return. mcdonnell's attorney also argued williams never got anything official from the governor. he finished by telling the jury if they have a reasonable doubt about testimony from an immune
6:29 am
witness, they must acquit. >> i thought our closing they did were just terrific. >> reporter: closing arguments wrapped up on friday and the jury will get the case tomorrow when court resumes after the holidabreak. back to you. >> thank you very much. take a look outside here. we're in for one warm labor day monday. temperatures flirting once again with the 90s. >> we are going to get to howard with the weather in just a minute. first we'll start with monika and timesaver traffic. it's the holiday. yes, volumes have been light but you would be surprised to know how many accidents we've had today. eastbound i-70 after route 144, this one i've been talking about all morning happened around 2:30, 2:45 this morning. it was involving a tractor- trailer that went down an embankment and that's why the recovery and the cleanup is taking so long at the scene of the crash. the left lane gets you by eastbound i-70 after route 144
6:30 am
without much of a delay thankfully. 277 looks good. no lane restrictions as you head down to the point where the lane divides. if you plan to use public transportation, metro is going to open at 7:00. they'll be open till midnight on a sunday schedule. no marc or vre trains today and no hov restrictions everywhere except maryland route 50, the john hansen highway and we're used to that. at the 14th street bridge, nice and light into the downtown area. boy, it looks great here but it's muggy and howard is going to have more on that in a minute for your labor day holiday and the barbecues you're planning. this time we'll check out what's going on on the beltway in college park. nice and light as you cross the 95 interchange in college park over toward silver spring and bethesda. howard, you're going to have some rain today too, right?
6:31 am
we're going to see showers and storms that could interfere with barbecue or whatever your activities may be but the heat and humidity, that's also going to be its own problem. notice it's mostly cloudy skies a few minutes before sunrise making for a very interesting sky this morning. a couple of showers south now. by lunch time partly sunny 86 and sticky. we'll have winds southwesterly 5 to 10. 92 for the high and a few storms will be around this afternoon. this morning the heaviest stuff by far is south of town. in the metro itself, the immediate metro, we've seen spotty showers come through, but you really have to get south of prince george's county to this mess of heavier downpours with even a little lightning and thunder through charles county coming across the river toward port royal back to i-95. this is all moving east. just about to 301 in charles county. eastern charles, st. mary's, calvert, this is all headed your way. watch out for heavy downpours over the next hour and temperatures now in the 70s. we'll climb to a sticky low 90s this afternoon.
6:32 am
nick and mike, back to you. >> thanks a lot, howard. time to see what our partners at cbs this morning are covering. ; >> the anthony mason is live in new york with a preview. mr. mason, good morning. >> good morning, nick and mike. someone has to labor on labor day, right? ahead dozens of private celebrity nude photos leaked after a cloud base storage systems were hacked. dan ackerman is in stu57 with how the images were accessed and what you can do to protect sensitive information. a man accused of planting drugs on a pta volunteer as an act of revenge. legal analyst ricky klieman joins us with whether my wife made me do it is a legal strategy that can hold up in court. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you all in a little bit. >> wow. that's a wild story. thanks, anthony. russian president vladimir putin is talking for immediate talks with ukraine over the crisis in eastern ukraine. >> it comes after eu leaders met for a summit to discuss economic sanctions against
6:33 am
russia, pro russian separatists have been battling ukrainian forces to months. some politicians here at home say the europe and the u.s. should provide arms to the ukrainians to help them defend themselves. dozens of ukrainians gathered outside the white house protesting the russian invasion of ukraine and demanding strong actions by the u.s. and europe. they called on president obama to provide military assistance to ukraine, including equipment and supplies. nearly two months of israeli air strikes have left tens of thousands of people homeless in gaza and the area's roads, schools and buildings are left in ruins. >> now the cease-fire between israel and gaza is holding and the streets are safer for the time being. u.n. surveyors will be out estimating the cost of repairing the damage. sources say rebuilding gaza could cost anywhere from $4 billion to $6 cost of constructions new roads, schools, housing units and rebuilding the area's solar power plant. there are now roughly 100,000 homeless people in gaza and a total of 200 schools and
6:34 am
15 hospitals destroyed. as of august 1, the u.n. has requested hundreds of millions of dollars for humanitarian purposes and that money includes 164 million for food aid in gaza. just about 6:34. wusa9 and dc jobs trying to get you hired. home fix corps is hiring an account marketing account representative. it's a full or part-time -- telemarketing account representative. it's a full or part-time position. no experience required. for more information go to congratulations to brian wasko, today's fan of the day. he says he counts on the weather and traffic reports. it hems me plan my 20-mile commute to work and when i plan my weekend fishing trips to breezy point, i know i can count on topper shutt and his weather team for the most accurate forecast in the area.
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it is 6:37 on this monday morning, labor day morning. a couple of showers ear and there but south of d.c. coming through areas now into senior maryland out of the fredricksburg area, we have showers and thunderstorm activity mixing in all of this moving across charles, st. mary's and calvert. we'll have pore doppler 9000 -- more doppler 9000 and i'll be back to talk more about how the first of september is feeling more like july. hon came is in with timesaver traffic this labor day morning. take a look at 270 on the southbound side in germantown. wow, things are looking really, really good out of frederick down to the point where the lanes divide. all hov restrictions are open for you as well today. here and in virginia. if you're planning to head over on the eastbound side of i-70, just keep in mind the accident cleanup from overnight after route 144 continues. you need to stay to the left to
6:39 am
get by. back to you guys. u.s. senators are some of the most powerful people in the world. >> but new york democratic senator kirsten gillibrand says some of the men are blatantly offensive. >> reporter: porky, hot, honey badger, these are all words used by male members of congress to address senator grille gillibrand for her face. she reveals this in off the sidelines, a new book about what it's like to be a 47-year- old woman in politics in 2014. gillibrand is one of only a few women in history to give birth while in congress. she talked to me about that several years ago right after her youngest son was born. >> there's a lot more interest in younger women beginning to look at public service earlier. and when we look at public service earlier, it means we have children while we're serving. it's good for the congress. >> reporter: she's open about struggling with weight gain
6:40 am
after two beg nannies -- pregnancies. as she was shedding the pounds, a male senator came up from behind her and said don't lose too much weight, i like any girls chubby. she makes headlines fighting for girls rights against sexual assaults in the military. she said male colleagues didn't realize their comments are crass because they're older, 60 and up but nancy pelosi who came to congress when few female served is appalled. >> it's absolutely ridiculous. it's disrespectful. senator gillibrand is one of the great leaders in our country. >> reporter: there are now 20 women in the senate, an all- time high but still only 20% of the senate. and women make up more than 50% of the u.s. population. barbara mikulski is the longest serving female senator in history. when she first came, only 28 years ago women weren't even allowed to wear pants on the senate floor. bath rooms were limited.
6:41 am
>> there's a place called the gym, the locker room. that just couldn't accommodate me. >> reporter: the good muss is women can ressional gym. the bad news is it's apparently a forum for inappropriate comments like when a colleague told gillibrand good thing you're working out because you wouldn't want to get porky but she gave as well as she got saying thanks, a-hole. >> her new book hits shelves september 9. that was quite funny. a number of celebrities used the holiday weekend to tie the knot. >> an academy award winner is at the center of latest celebrity nude picture scandal. wusa9 is back after this. at perdue, we pride ourselves on the freshness of our chicken. well, not that kind of fresh. but i can guarantee the freshness of our chicken because we go beyond what the usda requires... with extra inspections in american family owned farms,
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this labor day. beautiful sunrise. does it get any better than that? >> yeah, it does. it gets a lot better. it's awful outside. it's thuk, muggy. -- it's thick, muggy. >> you avoided a trip outside, did you not? it was that bad? >> i think i was outside. was i? >> it's all a blur. >> it's labor day. it's monday. not the weekend. for us anyway. let's talk about today. a lot of folks have cookouts and other things planned. first of all the heat and humidity will be tough to deal with. then we have the threat for a couple of storms here and there. not widespread enough to warrant a yellow alert. this morning we're watching some showers and storms off to the south. some of those have heavy downpours. in the metro, we're looking at lighter showers coming across southern fairfax, coming out of -- see that one little area of green east of manassas there? it's coming out of prince william.
6:46 am
it's crossing 95 in springfield here with a light shower, but really when you get into extreme southern prince george's county, charles county, that's where the activity really starts to pick up. you see the reds here, these are some heavy downpours between la plata, 301, dahlgren. all of this moving toward colonial beach, down toward newland and into st. mary's county and calvert county, a little bit after that we're starting to see things lessen around i-95 but the whole area is moving east, maybe slightly north and east at about 30 miles an hour with a little bit of lightning with heavier downpours. looks like it will be toward leonardtown, solomons 7:26. madison 7:51 and cambridge on the eastern shore just after 8:00 at 8:07. there's one other little area of rain, lighter showers which have been coming through winchester to berryville and charles town. doesn't look like it's much more than a couple of sprinkles there. the michael & son weather camera, showing neat little bits of pinkish red in the sky.
6:47 am
sunrise 7:38. or was it 6:37? it sets at 7:38. it will be a very warm lunch hour. 89 at 4:00 after hitting a high of 92. a couple of storms around mid- to late afternoon. right now well into the 70s. it's muggy. the air is thick. dew points are over 70 in most spots. even the cool areas like damascus, germantown, lovettsville are at 70. low 70s. 72 upper marlboro, waldorf, dumfries. fairfax as well as bowie at 72. at reagan national mostly crowdie and 77 with no wind so it's really thick out there with that dew point all the way up to 72. on friday when it felt great, the dew point was closer to 50. futurecast has the isolated shower and storm here this morning. this afternoon we could see a few showers and storms around 2:00, 3:00. it's not horribly widespread. that's why we don't have the yellow alert up but it's
6:48 am
boarderline today. it's one of those days if you'll be out this afternoon at the pool or maybe grilling, you're going to have to pay attention. download our wusa9 weather app. you can keep the radar with you and your smartphone. as we get into the evening hours, things settle down. overnight quiet. a patch or two of fog can't be ruled out. tomorrow ahead of the cold front, scattered showers and storms in the afternoon. i think a better chance may hold off till after rush hour. so tomorrow i've not done yellow alert yet but that could be upgraded. by wednesday looks a whole lot better. drier air hoves in. it will be comfortable -- moves in. it will be comfortable. warm to hot with a high around 90. today 92 with mainly afternoon storms. tonight 76. closer to 70 in the cool spots. tomorrow 95 degrees. very hot, humid. a few afternoon storms into tomorrow night ahead of the front. by wednesday not as hot. certainly drier, 90 degrees. thursday about the same, around 90. nats return for a home stand starting friday. it's going to be hot 93 with an
6:49 am
isolated storm. upper 80s to near 90 with scattered storms saturday afternoon into evening. sunday for the ravens homeowner mid-80s with a small chance of a lingering thunderstorm. monika samtani, it's labor day morning. a pretty good time right now to be getting around and a whole lot different than we anticipate 24 hours from now. it's going to be a whole different story tomorrow morning. for example, if we had this issue in northwest tomorrow morning, it would have been very, very difficult over in the district where there's been pepco on the scene fixing cable lines that were damaged on the westbound side of missouri avenue, georgia avenue. they say it's going to take all day to do this before the rush hour tomorrow. so keep that in mind for your travel plans tonight as well. let's go over to the maps. a couple of issues cropped up. this accident involving a tractor-trailer eastbound i-70 after route 144. it happened about 2:45 morning. only the left lane gets by the recovery effort there.
6:50 am
although again because it's labor day, things are pretty light through that area, including on 270 as well coming out of frederick down to the point where the lanes divide. let's take a little tour outside and check what it looks like. this 166. can you guess where -- is 66. can you guess where this is? it's manassas. it does not seem real for this time of the morning but it is. few people out and about. nothing to worry about at all. if you are heading out the door let's go to the other side, 395 to the 14th street bridge. looking good here as well as you cross the bridge span and into the district you're going to be absolutely fine here as well. all the potomac and anacostia river crossings are fine. let's go to another live picture. this time we're checking out the beltway. it just seems unreal, doesn't it on the outer loop on this side of the screen heading westbound on 495 toward silver spring you're going to be fine. there was a crash on the bw parkway southbound over i-195 blocking that ramp for some time. that was cleared up as well. let's go to another live picture if we could. no problems to report here as i said on 270 down to the point where the lanes divide.
6:51 am
no hov restrictions today. i want to give you the rundown of public transportation as well. metro opens at 7:00 this morning. that will continue till midnight on a sunday schedule. no marc or vre and no hov restrictions except on route 50, the john hansen highway over in maryland. >> thanks a lot, monika. fewer people on the roads means more people are watching this morning, right? that's why we want to make sure you get the best prices anywhere as you head out the door. we're heading to alexandria. the most expensive gallon of regular unleaded at the shell on mount vernon avenue. it's $3.69 a gallon according to trim a's fuel finder. >> the cheapest gallon of regular unleaded is at the shell on king street. gas there will cost you just $3.35. what do unthird of newlyweds say they miss the most from the days they were single in is it a, having tear own bathroom, b, having control of the remote reor c, being
6:52 am
able to flirt. >> judy says c, probably but most do anyway. >> be careful there. but the answer is a, having their huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know words really can hurt you? what...? jesse don't go!! i'm sorry daisy, but i'm a loner. and a loner gotta be alone. heee yawww!
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geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. jesse?
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. i'm have necessary is a herring. jurors heard closings argues in the corruption trial of bob mcdonnell and his wife,
6:55 am
maureen. prosecutors argued he accepted gifts and loans from former scientific ceo jonnie williams and used his official capacity to promote williams' dietary supment. the mcdonnells' attorney argued williams never got anything official. deliberations will begin tomorrow. back to you. >> thank you. jennifer lawrence, one of the latest celebrities to get caught up in a nude photo scandal posts on several media sites claim to show nude photographs of the academy award winning actress. the publicist for lawrence released a statement sunday slamming the post as a flagrant violation of privacy and anyone who posts itself stolen photos would be prosecuted. other celebrities also announced on their twitter accounts that they too had been hacked as well. evan ross and ashley simpson got married this weekend in connecticut. ross' famous mother initiated the nuptials. simpson's son walked with her down the aisle and jessica simpson's children were the
6:56 am
ring bearer and flower girl. this is simpson's second marriage. she was previously married to pete wentz. this is ross' first wedding. donny wahlberg married his girlfriend mccarthy over the weekend. he still performs with his band new kids on the block, 41-year- old mccarthy recently left "the view" and she hosts a raunchy radio show on sirius xm radio. >> plenty of clouds out there this morning with a few breaks. overall it's going to be a hot, sticky day. a couple of storms in spots this afternoon, 92. tomorrow 95 with a few afternoon storms and then i think a better chance of storms tomorrow late into tomorrow night ahead of a front which will


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